Bella James Cattani, 28, Holistic Nutritionist & Founder of Happee Belly has transformed the classic Mochi & Boba dessert into the most unique & delicious, sweet treats. Her products are dairy free, gluten free, and contained zero refined sugar! The satisfying and chewy texture is notedly unforgettable, resulting into lots of happee bellies & creating a demand in the marketplace.

“A few years ago I decided to move my life into a whole new direction. I developed a new found love for health once I took ahold of my own. After feeling the best I have ever felt in my own body, I was overly eager to gain more knowledge around healing ourselves through food. I have always had a deep passion for being in the kitchen, and this elevated after practicing holistic traditions. I knew I wanted to start my own business and immediately enrolled in a Holistic Nutrition course at the Academy of Healing Nutrition, NY. Not only did the curriculum change my perspective on health, but it also helped guide me into creating my dream career. The Academy inspired me with a whole new way to cook, including all new ingredients that were inspired from Traditional Chinese Medicine and Japanese culture. This is where my real journey with food began. “ Bella James Cattani

We are so happee to help guide you on your Boba making journey <3